NEWS RELEASE: Digital Image Optimization Content and Techniques has been released for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire on the website. The book is written by Digital Imaging Expert Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design and covers both Adobe Photoshop CS6 as well as open source digital imaging software GIMP 2.8. The book is targeted at readers who wish to take their knowledge of digital photography and digital imaging to the next level, and is not meant for experts but rather at users of digital phone cameras or digital SLR cameras who love photography but do not know how to use digital imaging software to take their digital photographs and make them into something more. The book covers digital image theory, color correction, sharpening, blur, special effects, exposure correction, image file size optimization, and much more. Priced under $10, this affordable eBook has hundreds of pages of valuable information, and features screenshots of the work process described in each chapter, using both Adobe Photoshop CS6 and GIMP 2.8.

NEWS RELEASE: Social Media Business Profile Optimization has been released on for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire eBook e-Readers. The book is written by the #2 All Time Top Expert on LinkedIn, the world's largest Business Social Media website. The book covers how to produce the most desirable and complete business profile using the special sections that are available to hold one's resume information as well as how to optimize a business profile using keywords that will enhance the SEO or Search Engine Optimization aspects of a business profile, making it come up more frequently in searches by recruiters and business partners. The book is also priced at under $10, and contains information that can take a person's business social media profile from being just ordinariy to Super-Star level in just a matter of a days worth of work. The book is recommended for those who are new to business social media website or those who need to fine-tune their social media business profile to attract more business activity.

NEWS RELEASE: How to Optimize an Open Source New Media 3D Workstation has been released on the Bookstore for the Amazon Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire eBook eReader. The book is written by multimedia producer Wallace Jackson, an avid user of open source new media software packages such as EditShare LightWorks 11, GIMP 2.8, Audacity 2.0, Apache Open Office, Oracle Java 7, NetBeans 7 and Blender 3D 2.6. The book is intended for readers who have just purchased a PC at WalMart or BestBuy and don't know how to find and load the leading multimedia software packages, for free, via the internet. This book, priced at less than $10, takes the reader through this one day process step-by-step, until when they are finished they have a professional level new media 3D workstation capabiel of producing anything from a Game to a Video to a 3D Application. Amazing Book.